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What is it?[edit]

A trade name for Sinclair Animal & Household Care® a UK based company.

They sell Fish Nutrition, Aquarium Fish Foods, Pond Fish Foods, Aquarium Water Treatments & Fish Medicines, Pond Water Treatments & Fish Medicines, articles on Setting Up An Aquarium, Fish Health & Fish Disease Diagnosis, Tank Accessories.

They claim that their fish food are unique due to a 'Immuno Health Booster' additive:

"a natural compound extracted from marine algae. Immuno Health Booster helps provide a natural shield against infection & disease.

Immuno Health Booster is an Immuno-modulator, which means that it regulates the immune system producing immunostimulants as well as suppressing them when necessary, helping to avoid auto-immune diseases or allergies. This naturally helps fish to cope with stress to optimise their health & longevity."

Contact details[edit]

Sinclair Animal & Household Care Ltd, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 2QB
Tel: 01427 810231 FAX: 01427 810837
Email: [email protected]

Business details[edit]

Registered in England No 4436927. Registered office: Gainsborough. Vat No: 797 0847 72

Web Site[edit]