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Catalert.png Please copy and paste ' [[Category:Articles That Need Images]] ' into the end of your article to include it in this category.

The articles listed below require one or more images to help clarify them.

Can you help?

We like images to be around 1000 pixels wide or tall at a minimum if possible, if you can save them with a jpeg compression factor of around 75 (medium) then this ensures the file size isn't too large for people to download and for us to store them.

Please do not take images from other web sites or from sources you haven't asked permission as these will be deleted without warning.

If it is an animal species, please name the file after the species, like Xenopus_laevis1.jpg as this allows others to easily add more in the future.

Just click on the lefthand 'Upload file' link in the toolbox panel.

Once you've added an image to the article please remove the line Category:Articles That Need Images, or the Needimage template from it please.

Many thanks.