Federation of Northern Aquarium Societies

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About FNAS[edit]

The Federation of Northern Aquarium Societies (FNAS) is a collections of clubs based around the northern end of England.

Activities that are organised during the year include regular club meetings, lectures on various aspects of the hobby, table shows, and auctions (where livestock, equipment, plants and dry goods can be bought). Another area of the hobby that the federation is involved in is the breeding program, there records of successful spawning and rearing of the fry are recorded. This program has been designed to aid conservation, so demand on species of fish from the wild is reduced.

The main objective however is the bringing together of like minded people and in sharing of knowledge and care for the fish that are kept. Most areas of the hobby are well covered including coldwater and tropical fish, with speciality clubs looking into specific types i.e. fancy goldfish, catfish, cichlids etc. Whether you're new to fishkeeping or have been doing so for many years, the FNAS are sure that there is something of interest for everyone, and aid in the enjoyment of this hobby.

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